photo (and hair!) by Kyle Grace

photo (and hair!) by Kyle Grace



Berry Grass is originally from rural Missouri, got their MFA in Tuscaloosa, and now lives & teaches writing in Philadelphia. They are the author of Hall of Waters (forthcoming in 2019 from The Operating System). Their essays and poems appear in DIAGRAM, The Normal School, Barrelhouse, BOAAT, PhoebeBedfellows, The Wanderer, and Sonora Review, among other publications. They are a 2019 nominee for the Krause Essay Prize. Their chapbook, Collector's Item, was published in 2014 by Corgi Snorkel Press. They host Tragic: the Gathering -- an occasional transgender literature reading series in Philadelphia. When they aren't reading submissions as Nonfiction Editor of Sundog Lit, they're embodying what happens when a Virgo watches too much professional wrestling.

Work & Practice

Berry Grass is a nonbinary trans woman [pronouns: they/them, or she/her], and the queer & trans positionality they hold in the world deeply informs their writing. They write classic & lyric essays, as well as hybrid/mixed form pieces that make fuzzy the already androgyne line between poetry and the essay. Their work is also heavily informed by place -- particularly the rural Missouri they grew up in.

In their role as nonfiction editor of Sundog Lit (and, before that, Black Warrior Review), Berry looks to publish writing that challenges the normative conceptions & limitations of nonfiction as a genre, and they seek newer voices from positionalities that are made marginal by the wider literary community and by society & the state.


Berry has taught writing at Hussian College, in Philadelphia, PA, and for Blue Stoop, in Philadelphia, PA. They previously taught at the University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa, AL. 

They teach, or have taught, courses in creative writing, literature, and composition, including:

Special Topics in Memoir.

Advanced Creative Writing - Prose
Introduction to Creative Writing
Modern & Contemporary World Literature
Modern & Contemporary British Literature
Early American Literature
Race, Identity, & Experience
Professional Writing for Artists
English Composition (101 & special topics)

Obsessions & Research Interests

They are a thoroughgoing Virgo, and as such gets meticulously obsessive about many things. They love professional wrestling, blazers, barbecue, shades of green, heavy metal, trans liberation, Belgian farmhouse ale, subterranean chicken restaurants, sports, arugula, coffee, shoes, how regional identity is built through food, HEAVY METAL, naturally fermented wine & cider & beer, cats, anti-racist & leftist politics, and selvedge denim. Please chat with them about any of these things, or your own obsessions.